John Strauss (left) sitting alongside Dr. John W. Richmond (right), dean of the UNT College of Music, at a celebration event for the John and Bonnie Strauss Foundation's $1 million commitment to UNT's commercial music program.

Harmonizing Futures: A Crescendo of Generosity at UNT

At the University of North Texas, amidst the halls of the renowned College of Music, a new chapter is unfolding in philanthropic history. Like a crescendo building to its peak, the John and Bonnie Strauss Foundation's $1 million commitment heralds a transformative era for UNT's commercial music program.


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UNT Fiscal Year 2022 Philanthropy At-A-Glance

UNT Fiscal Year 2022 Philanthropy At-A-Glance

Fundraising Highlights

With 13,486 gifts from 7,875 donors, UNT raised a total of $32.7 million in fiscal year 2022.

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With new technology, High School Career Connect can help students in schools all over the state of Texas.

UNT’s High School Career Connect receives $100,000 from Texas Pioneer Foundation

UNT and the Greater Texas Foundation established High School Career Connect (HSCC) in 2018 to show students in Denton County that the destination isn’t just a diploma — it’s a rewarding and satisfying career. Now, thanks to a two-year $100,000 grant from the Texas Pioneer Foundation, HSCC will extend its reach even...

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A $1.2 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation will promote Open Access through a new data trust for scholarly publishing.

In data we trust: UNT receives grant for new Open Access cyber knowledge bank

The University of North Texas (UNT), in partnership with four other institutions, has received a $1.2 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to create a new international data trust that will improve the measurement and analysis of Open Access (OA) books...

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