George Esquivel ('91) signs the new endowed scholarship into effect at a celebration event in May.

George Esquivel ('91) signs the new endowed scholarship into effect at a celebration event in May.

The University of North Texas Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism is celebrating the addition of the Esquivel Endowed Scholarship, a new scholarship that will be awarded to undergraduate advertising students who are also involved in a UNT Latinx student organization.

The endowment was made by George Esquivel (’91), who is the co-founder of Four Corners Brewing Company and studied advertising at UNT, and his wife Joanna.

During a celebration event on May 12, Esquivel spoke about the importance of investing in the future.

“Joanna and I are joyous in establishing the Esquivel Endowment,” Esquivel said. “Although we are the youngest in our respective families, we were the first to graduate from a four-year institution. We are believers in higher education but understand and appreciate the financial and emotional stresses that this goal can place on students and their families. Our intent is to alleviate some of the financial burden while encouraging families and students to work together toward this life-changing goal.”

Andrea Miller, dean of the Mayborn School of Journalism, emphasized the impact the Esquivel Endowed Scholarship will have on the advertising program.

“Our advertising area is growing and has some new pieces that are coming forth and so this is yet another exciting addition,” Miller said. “I want to also say that 31% of our student body is Latinx and so this is going to mean so much to them going forward and we just can’t thank you and your family enough.”

Tamara Brown, executive dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, echoed praises for Esquivel’s generosity.

“I think when we have folks who, like you, are first generation, you go through college and UNT makes a difference and you think, ‘Hey, I want to pay that forward, because I’m not the only student like me coming through here and I want to pave a pathway for those students,’” Brown said. “Talk about transformation, talk about commitment, talk about the kinds of students we have. Your gift is going to truly be transformational.”

Esquivel talked about the skills he honed at UNT, and the value his student experiences added to his adult life and career.

“My first job was in advertising,” Esquivel said. “I worked as a copywriter for a couple years and I’ve never stopped writing copy. I’ve done other stuff, but it’s always been that ability to write and sell and put a concept down on paper and fill a blank page. That started right here and I’m so grateful for that.”

In addition to his role as business development director at Four Corners Brewing Co., Esquivel serves on the UNT Alumni Association Board of Directors and as vice president of the UNT Latinx Alumni Network.