Process and Services

We're here to help you apply for foundation funding.

Our Process

Notify us when you have a concept you would like to pursue foundation funding for. We will work together to position your concept and:

  • Identify a multi-disciplinary team to compile concept (as needed)
  • Establish budget and metrics-based outcomes
  • Discover research opportunities
  • Provide guidance on where the grant should be routed

Before submission, we will attach final documents, collect necessary signatures, and review and edit based on your service tier level.

Our Service Tiers

$100,000 and below

  • Concept review
  • Editing
  • Add supporting documentation
  • Proposal submission


  • Intensive proposal review, commentary and editing
  • Budget support and review
  • Grant writing
  • Add supporting documentation
  • Proposal submission

$1 Million and above

  • Extensive relationship building and oversight
  • Significant support on strategy development
  • Facilitate the collaboration of multidisciplinary teams (internal and external)
  • Write, edit and submit proposal