UNT Cares Fund FAQ

How many UNT students are affected by the COVID-19 health crisis?

  • Since the start of the public health crisis, we have received over 33,000 applications for emergency aid. Applicants have requested financial assistance to combat COVID-19 and ensure their continued enrollment and success at UNT.
  • The COVID Hotline and Mean Green Family Facebook page continue to hear from students and parents about the financial hardships the pandemic has caused. To date, the hotline has fielded over 5,600 calls.

How do students apply for crisis funding?

  • Students can apply for emergency funding by completing the application on UNT's Start Green Stay Green web page.

What needs can be funded?

  • Any immediate need a student has due to the spread of COVID-19.
  • Examples include health, living and educational expenses.

How much funding will students receive?

  • The average award will be between $100 and $1,000, relative to available funding. Awards will be determined on a case-by-case basis and relative to available funding at the time of the request.

Who selects which students will receive funding?

  • An Emergency Response Team consisting of representatives from Student Financial Aid and Scholarships, the Division of Student Affairs and the Office of the President will review requests.

If approved, when will students receive their funding?

  • Roughly a week, but UNT’s Division of Students Affairs is working to shorten this timeframe.

Will all gifts to the UNT Cares Fund be given to students? How will students receive funding?

  • 100% of donations to the UNT Cares Fund will be dispersed to students with immediate and pressing needs.
  • Funds will be applied to the student’s UNT account or may come to the students in the form of a refund or a payment against an existing balance. There may be many different scenarios.

How do I donate to help students?

More Questions?

For additional information, contact UNTCares@unt.edu.