Process and Services

We're here to help you apply for foundation funding.

Our Process


  • Notify us when you have a concept that you would like to pursue foundation funding for.


  • We will work with you to position your concept to ensure fit
  • Identify a multi-disciplinary team to compile concept (as needed)
  • Establish budget and metrics-based outcomes
  • Discover research opportunities
  • Provide guidance on where the grant should be routed


  • Before submission, we will review and edit based on tier level
  • Attach final documents
  • Collect any necessary signatures

Our Services

$100,000 and below

  • Concept review
  • Editing
  • Add supporting documentation
  • Proposal submission


  • Intensive proposal review, commentary and editing
  • Budget support and review
  • Grant writing
  • Add supporting documentation
  • Proposal submission

$1 Million and above

  • Extensive relationship building and oversight
  • Significant support on strategy development
  • Facilitate the collaboration of multidisciplinary teams—internal and external
  • Write, edit and submit proposal