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Our Supporters

UNT donors are a diverse group with uniquely personal reasons for supporting the university. They are undergraduate students, recent graduates, alumni, friends, faculty, staff, parents, corporations, foundations and sports fans—all united by their belief that UNT transforms lives, engages in cutting-edge research and enriches our community, the nation and the world.

The Power
of Scholarship

Leidy Guarin

“I wrote a letter to the program head and told her how much I needed the scholarship to be able to attend UNT and that I wanted to be there and that I would give it my all.”

Leidy Guarin,
Development and
Family Studies Junior,
Emerald Eagle Scholar

Our Supporters

UNT enjoys a broad spectrum of support from:

No matter the size of your gift, your support for UNT transforms lives.

No matter your reason for giving, you will help today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders. Your gifts promote cutting-edge research, drive innovation and discovery, build world-class facilities and proclaim to North Texas and beyond that UNT is poised to take its place among the great universities.

We value every contribution to the university and work to recognize and thank each of you for your commitment to UNT.

The university honors individuals who give at certain levels through membership in lifetime giving societies, including the McConnell Society, the Matthews Society, the Kendall Society, the Chilton Society, the 1890 Society and the President’s Council.

The Founders Circle was created in 2010 to bring the members of UNT’s top three giving societies together for events that honor their commitment to the university. The Founders Circle includes all donors whose lifetime contributions to UNT exceed $100,000.

The Founders Circle

The Founders Circle includes:

President's Council

The President's Council recognizes lifetime giving of $25,000 to $99,999.

1890 Society

The 1890 Society honors those who have named the university in their estate plans.

Ernie Kuehne Jr. (’66): ‘UNT shaped me as a person and prepared me for life’

Ernie Kuehne Jr. (’66): ‘UNT shaped me as a person and prepared me for life’

Ernie Kuehne Jr. ('66) is incredibly proud of UNT's diversity. He says the university's campus culture broadened his worldview and prepared him for professional success. Kuehne chaired a successful fundraising effort to build a dedicated basketball practice, donating $1 million to the project.