Amy Schade

Amy Schade

Few college students can get their point across with the wit and finesse of UNT biology graduate Amy Schade. The champion debater, who ranked in the top 60 college debaters in the nation, came to UNT thanks to generous scholarships including the prestigious Board of Regents scholarship and the Glen Stricklin and William DeMougeot debate scholarships.

“Without these scholarships, attending UNT at all would have been a great feat,” Schade says. “I am extremely honored to have these scholarships and the opportunity to attend this fine school.”

Schade says UNT’s clear commitment to helping students succeed through financial and moral support played a definitive role in her decision to come to the university. And its commitment to debate success sealed the deal.

“I knew of the great opportunities for undergraduate research and the successful debate team here at UNT,” she says. “The debate team and the Department of Communication Studies as a whole really push for their students to do as well as possible in school.”

Brian Lain, UNT’s director of debate and associate professor in the Department of Communication Studies, says annual giving to scholarships is critical to the success of programs like the debate team. He is hoping to eventually raise enough funds to endow the John S. Gossett Debate Scholarship, named for a former director of debate and communication studies faculty member who died in 2009.

“Amy is a successful debater, but we are unable to bring so many who want to debate at UNT here because of scholarship needs,” Lain says.

Schade, a Grapevine, Texas, native who hopes to become a scientific researcher after graduation, says her decision to attend UNT has resulted in indisputable rewards, both personally and academically. She has big plans for her future as a UNT alumna.

“I hope my UNT experience will guide me in a direction that allows me to effect change in the world,” she says. “The professors here seem to really care about the welfare of their students and are incredibly invested in the growth of knowledge in their students.”