Student-athlete scholarships

Athletic scholarships—which completely underwrite tuition, fees, books and room and board—provide key support for the North Texas athletic program.

North Texas athletic programs have a longstanding tradition of excellence made possible by magnificent athletes and outstanding coaching staffs. Funding for scholarships will strengthen recruitment by assuring that student-athletes receive scholarship support equal to UNT’s peers in the NCAA and our athletic conference.

You can support student athletes by:

  • Making an annual or one-time gift to an established scholarship
  • Creating an endowed scholarship

Creating an endowment

Endowed scholarships support generations of students because gifts are invested and scholarships are awarded based on the interest earned from the principal gift.

The gift of a scholarship is the most lasting legacy a donor can make, because a college education is a life-changing experience.

The minimum gift needed to endow a scholarship for student-athletes is $100,000 for a half scholarship or $250,000 for a full scholarship. In addition to providing annual scholarships, donors may wish to endow a specific position on an athletic team.

To find out more about gifts to support student-athletes, contact us.