Graduate fellowships

Graduate students further excellence at the University of North Texas by:

  • Contributing to pioneering research
  • Supporting teaching excellence
  • Drawing distinguished faculty to campus
  • Innovating and creating the new knowledge that shapes the intellectual, creative and professional world of tomorrow

Graduate fellowships and assistantships are vital to strengthening master’s and doctoral programs and to enhancing UNT’s reputation. All universities attempt to attract the best students by offering fellowships and full stipends for living expenses, which means UNT competes with better-endowed institutions for this prized pool of students.

For the Toulouse Graduate School to become the premier student-focused graduate school in the region, full tuition support and stipends for graduate students are a necessity. Fellowships provide tuition support for study at the graduate level as well as stipends. Graduate assistantships provide tuition assistance and stipends and also involve research, teaching responsibilities or other work within an academic department.

To find out more about endowing a fellowship, contact us.