Behind-the-scenes teams are refining the giving experience

UNT Advancement earns regional and national awards

UNT Advancement earns regional and national awards

UNT Advancement received several awards at this spring’s Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) District IV Annual Conference. The team’s accolades, recognizing best practices throughout the profession, include both gold and platinum honors for an initiative called “Data Week: Empowering Fundraisers to Engage in Data-Driven Stewardship,” and a bronze distinction for the “2017 Endowment Report.”  

“It takes a lot of different gears to move University Advancement forward. I’m proud of the exemplary work our behind-the-scenes team does to improve our partnership with donors and better support our students,” says David Wolf, vice president for advancement. 

UNT Advancement’s Data Week, which has received national recognition and will serve as a model for other institutions, aimed to educate staff on the power accurate data has in establishing authentic, mutually beneficial connections between donors and the university. 

“In the fundraising world, relationships are of the utmost importance. Our database is the address book that maintains those relationships,” says Michal Farmer, assistant director of data integrity. “We may not see donors day-to-day, but we take care of them from behind the scenes, and ensure their wishes are honored,” says Farmer. 

The data team’s work drives interactions between members of the UNT community and organizes the information necessary to secure funds for scholarships, research and programs that prepare students for future success. 

“The Data Week project was a true collaboration,” says Clint Shipp, executive director of advancement services. “It’s great to see the team being recognized for their ingenuity and dedication to upholding the mission of University Advancement.”   

One of the many projects the team has provided data for is donor relation’s award-winning “2017 Endowment Report.”

When someone creates an endowment, they build a permanent legacy and equip UNT for the future. The goal of the annual endowment report is to show donors a full picture of the investment they’ve made in the university — an investment in academic excellence, student achievement and future generations. 

“Our donors are changing lives,” says Dana Wagner, director of donor relations. "They’re shaping the culture of this community and paving the way to success for students who come through the doors and peruse their education here."

Inspired by the generosity of our community, the University Advancement team that works behind the frontlines is committed to refining the giving experience and encouraging a culture of philanthropy at UNT.