Campaign volunteer Cathy Bryce: UNT's impact reaches far beyond North Texas

Jaime Blanton

For retired Highland Park ISD Superintendent Cathy Bryce (’91 Ph.D.), The Campaign for UNT is an opportunity to showcase the impact the university has on public education in North Texas and beyond.

“We don’t just supervise more teachers and prepare more superintendents that any other university in Texas,” she says. “We are encouraging our students to think beyond the current structures we place on our educators. At UNT, we are preparing teachers who think critically, solve problems creatively and are undaunted by the challenges the education system in Texas is facing.”

Bryce volunteers for The Campaign for UNT because she believes “those of us whose lives were transformed by this university have an obligation to ensure that those same opportunities are available for future generations.”

She and her husband, Jack Atkins (’66, ’69 M.S.), earned three UNT degrees and two professional certifications between them. They established a College of Education scholarship in memory of their mothers, who believed education opens doors.

“Jack’s mother carried him as a baby in her arms to enroll him in UNT’s lab school,” Bryce says. “I remember my mother, who became a widow when I was 2 and my sister was 4, showing me her savings book and saying, ‘This is your college fund.’”

Bryce says she and Atkins agree that support for UNT supports the future of the state of Texas.

“We cannot afford to let the door of access to an affordable, quality education close,” Bryce says. “It is incumbent upon those of us who have been blessed to support UNT. The relationships we have built as a result of our affiliation here, and the learning—it’s shaped both of us. So, we give of our time and resources because we wouldn’t imagine it any other way.”


Above, Jack Atkins (’66, ’69 M.S.) and Cathy Bryce (’91 Ph.D.) at their home in Argyle.